Author Topic: Using the PS3IR-500 with the Acoustic Research X-Sight Touch Remote Control  (Read 806 times)

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Hello!  I have ordered a PS3IR-500 so that I can use my Acoustic Research X-Sight Touch remote control with my PS3.  I am sure that it will work, based on what I have heard.  I was going through the web based set up for my remote, and could not find the best solution.  The web based programming utility wants you to first select the type of device, then the brand, then the model number.  I tried using 'Game Systems' to locate either the PS2 or PS3 system, and was unable to locate it there.  I tried looking under 'DVD' and found a set up for Schmartz IRPro there, but not the PS3IR-500.

I programmed my remote, for now, with the IRPro configuration, but since I have not yet received the PS3IR-500, I am not sure if it will work.  Does anyone know if there is a better solution to use when configuring the X-Sight Touch through the web based utility?  If so, great!  Thanks for the help!

If no one knows the answer, I will test several configurations and try several options until I get one that works.  I will then post a reply to help others. 

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The PS3IR-PRO and PS3IR-500 use the same set of commands, so that setup should work for you.

Romeo Denghel
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