Author Topic: EB store in New Zealand reccomending our PS3IR products- Nice!  (Read 772 times)

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I work for an EB waaay over here in little ol' NZ. I read about this a little while ago and have since been directing customers here. EB sells a lot of Harmony remotes and i can assure you that almost all are irate, to say the least, when i say the words "proprietary" and "bluetooth only".

I get the "but i have spent squillions of dollars on my home entertainment setup so i can push one button, what am i supposed to do now?". Until recently i have had to shake my head sadly and point to the cabinet with the over priced PS3-mote. Very glad you have come up with this innovative solution :)

I have just bought a PS3+MGS4 to round out my collection of gen7 and am seriously looking (read: buy PS3 = no cash) at getting one of dandy little devices. I have a harmony remote also and, to be honest, it'd be nice to be able to use it.

You ship to NZ right? i haven't steered dozens of customers in the last few weeks wrong have i?


P.S. until a Sony rep gives the hard word to my boss about me pimping out i'm going to keep on repping your little wonders.
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Re: E to the B
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Yes, we ship to NZ and everywhere else. I wouldn't feel bad about recommending my products though. The fact is, many of my customers already own a PS3 remote. Even though it works fine, the issue is that everyone wants a single remote to control everything. So, my devices really aren't in competition with the PS3 remote. Besides, I have numerous examples where people actually bought their PS3 only after they found a way to control it with their favorite universal remote. So, the bottom line is, my products actually increase the sales numbers of the PS3 in the home theatre market.

I offer discounts on volume purchases. And, if you buy at least 5, I will upgrade the shipping to Global Express Guaranteed (which is carried by FedEx). Some enterprising soul in your corner of the Planet could resell them at a profit at a premium since shipping is expensive. I'd also like EB to carry them someday worldwide. That would help everyone. Right now I sell directly to the consumer but, the support requirements are such that as the sales have exploded, it's tough to keep up the level personal service I want to provide. For this reason, eventually I'll probably switch to selling through the likes of Best Buy and EB games. Then I can concentrate on selling directly to the installers where I can still do a creditable job of support even with the larger numbers.