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Firmware Update Tool - Files and instructions
« on: June 07, 2008, 04:56:31 PM »
To install:
1. Unzip to a local folder. The files will be installed when you plug in the PRO and select firmware update mode

To Enter Firmware Update Mode:
1. Select the PS3 device mode for your remote. (Important!)
2. Plug in the PS3IR-PRO into a USB port on the PC. Point your remote at the PRO front panel within 6 inches of the IR receiver port.
3. Press the number 1 on your remote within 10 seconds of plugging it in.
4. If this is the first time you entered Firmware Update Mode, a new USB device dialog should pop up. Otherwise, skip to Update Firmware.
5. Select the "look in specific location" mode and browse to where you unzipped the firmware update tool.
6. Press Next and/or continue anyway until the device is installed. (You may have to browse for the sys file also)

Note: If you have one of the earlier devices, you must press the number 1 on your remote and then press and hold "only" the down arrow in step 3.

To Update Firmware:
1. Download the desired firmware image from the "Latest Firmware" section.
2. Unzip the files into a separate directory.
3. Make sure the PRO is in Firmware Update Mode (see above section)
4. Double click on PS3IR_Firmware_Updater.exe (The application will start)
5. Click on "Find Bootloader" in the Firmware Updater Tool (after a delay, the screen will update)
6. Click on the "Find Hex File" button
7. Browse to the separate directory where you placed the firmware image and open it
8. Click on the "New Program" button (the firmware will download)
9. When finished, the "Boot Completed OK" status turns blue indicating the new firmware has been loaded

Note: The PRO may need to be paired again with the PS3 before it can be used.
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