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shutdown sequence getting stuck
« on: February 07, 2009, 09:26:58 PM »
I am using a Harmony One remote.  I am confident everything is setup correctly, because commands are flowing very well from the remote to the PS3. In fact, when everything is working correctly it is flawless and impressive. However, frequently, when I hit the "Off" button or switch activities to something that powers down the PS3 while playing a DVD, the PS3 does not always power down (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't).  When it does not power down, I noticed that the PS3 is stuck on the "Do you want to quit playback" dialog.  I observed this by manually switching the TV back to the PS3 to see what state the device was in.  Other times when this problem occurs, I have observed the PS3 at the standard login launch screen.

Furthermore, when the PS3 is back at the launch screen, it will not take commands from the remote until i navigate to the device and hit the PwrToggle additional button (basically turning it back on even though it is already on).  Then it is able to take commands from the remote.  With additional experimentation, I observed the following:
1) does not occur if i navigate to the device and hit "PwrOff" (i.e. I can just shutdown the PS3 ok from the PwrOff additional button)
2) occurs rarely when doing total system shutdown or activity switch while in the PS3 main menu launch screen (i.e. sitting at PS3 login screen and experiencing the problem is very rare)

I am guessing that the shutdown sequence is somehow occasionally getting stuck (problem occurs ~80% of time)?  Or perhaps there is a potential timing issue while shutting down multiple devices?

Please advise with recommendations for corrective action or any additional testing I can perform to further diagnose the problem.

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Re: shutdown sequence getting stuck
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2009, 10:51:10 AM »
This is a fairly common problem that I am 99% sure is being caused by the way you have the remote set up. 

Go to your PS3 activity and click on Settings.
Select Change Options and click on Next
Make sure that the Do not Send Play and Don't send stop command settings are selected and then click Save.
Click Done
Update your remote.

What is happening is the remote is sending out the stop command, which will bring up the "Do you want to quit playback" screen, and cause the shut down macro not to work.  Then becuase you launched the Shut Down macro the PS3IR-Pro will shut itself off and start to ignore all IR commands (that is how the power tracking feature works).  The only way to get it to start responding to commands again is to send the PS/PowerToggle command.  By changing the settings as I have instructed above you should avoid this problem altogether.
For help setting up your Harmony remote feel free to send me a PM. 

Include your model of remote, inputs settings for your TV, AV Receiver, etc., and any other setup requests.  I will also need your Harmony Login name and password (I recommend changing your password temporarily to 12345).

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Re: shutdown sequence getting stuck
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2009, 04:29:48 PM »
You were correct, works like a charm now.  Based on how many times you have answered that question, you may want to update your sure percentage from 99% to 99.9%.

tnx again