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eject & shutdown macro here!!!
« on: August 23, 2008, 06:20:19 AM »
here is a crazy macro to eject a video disc or a game disc, whichever you have inserted and then shut down the ps3. 

it may need more testing/fine tuning so i welcome your thoughts to make it more efficient or more foolproof.  it's working perfectly for me, not to mention fun to watch!  you could probably also add audio & photo discs but i don't plan on using either of those.

the macro WILL differ from person to person depending on your set up but i have tried to make it accommodate any set up if you follow the instructions carefully, unless there is something i've missed.  of course, you will need to exit out to the xbm from a game or video first for this to work.

VERY IMPORTANT! before you start:
1. always install any downloaded games/demos before running this macro or they could be DELETED before you even install them!!!
2. group your video & game files by album or the macro could play a media file or DELETE an installed game!!!

here goes:

9 left commands
4 right commands
(2 + a + b) down commands where (a = number of media servers*) and (b = number of video albums)
b up commands where (b = number of video albums)
2 down commands
o (to exit media server info page or video album if no video disc is inserted)
1 right command
(if you have NO game downloads you can skip the next line. resume with the "4 down commands" line)
(4 + c) up commands (where c = number of game albums*)
4 down commands
1 down command
o (to exit trophy or game album if no game disc inserted)
5 left commands
2 up commands (+1 for each extra user)

* if, in the future you plan to add more media servers (or if that number fluctuates depending on if your pc is on or off, etc.) or if you plan to add more game albums, increase the values of a or c respectively now.  extra values there do no harm to the macro & will keep you from having to adjust the macro in the future.
if, however, you add a new video album, you will have to adjust the value of b in your macro

whew, well there ya go!  thoughts? comments?  have any better ideas?
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