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Yet another macro question
« on: May 06, 2012, 02:20:43 PM »
hello guys I have a three part question. Is it possible to infinitely repeat a macro created by the PS3IR macro editor, or is there a way to have a PS3IR macro run another PS3IR macro ex: (macro 1) - push x button, push triangle, run macro 2, push circle, run macro 3, all edited in macro 1? or is there a way to bind key to the key board.. I have not found any information on the forums about a macro loop, or having a PS3IR macro run another created PS3IR macro. I have tho found a utility on the forums for key biding but it comes with no instructions and seems to be outdated from two years ago located

long story short am trying to have more that 16 inputs

which would be possible if i could bind a macro to a key board key then create a macro with another program to run the binded PS3IR key
any assistance would be appreciated, thanks