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Programming for my URC MX-850
« on: May 14, 2011, 05:39:52 PM »
Ok, got the PS3IR-1000 today in the mail.  I just ordered a new NXG NX-RM820, which is the URC MX-850 (just rebranded by URC for NXG).  I downloaded NXG's programming software, which comes directly from URC.  I currently have the old URC MX-800, but some buttons stopped working, thus the reason for a new remote.  

Since the software is identical to what I used before to program my MX-800, I just ported over my same .mxf file so I wouldn't have to reprogram everything.  What I did before for my MX-800 (to use with my PS3IR-500) was use the PS2 codes and program some of the hex codes for other features.  I would like to use all the funcionalities of the PS3IR-1000 by reprogramming the PS3 part for my new remote.  I noted in the quick guide that it says, "For URC remotes, use code 648."  Where do I input this?  Program->IR Database->Device=PS3, IR Data From: ?

I did try putting the IR Data From: AUX, but when I put 648 in the Enter Code Number slot, it will not let me click the SAVE button.   To me, this means that the code number 648 does not exist.

I'm a little rusty at programming the URC remote since I haven't had to do it in a while, so the more detailed/specific you can be on steps, the better.

Thanks for any help!

(My remote hasn't arrived yet, but will in a day or two.  I would just like to get all the info into the remote software so I can just upload it to the remote and go when it gets here.)
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