Author Topic: PRO Firmware V1.09 - Added Support for hardwired input and Discrete ON  (Read 3115 times)

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This version includes support for hardwired input on the back panel. The signal source must actively pull the data line low since the input is pulled up to 5V. The source may drive the signal high at a level from 5V-12V or be open collector. The detection logic will automatically demodulate the input signal if modulation is present. Modulation in the range of 10KHz -2 MHz is supported as well as no modulation at all.

The detection logic automatically detects the signal polarity so that both polarities are supported.

The PS3IR-PRO will automatically switch to using the external hardwired signal when it is available. When using the hardwired input, cover up the front IR port for best results since any IR signal that is received by the built-in receiver will interfere with the decoding of the hardwired input.

Screw terminal pin out when looking at the rear panel:
Left Signal input
Right - GND

This version includes:
1) Support for wired IR input via the green connector.
2) Enhanced IR decoding that automatically supports either polarity of input as well as modulation from 10KHz  - 2MHz.
3) Support for Discrete On. Once the power macro is executed, all keys are ignored until the PS key is pressed.

1) Unzip these two files to a local dircetory. I recommend naming the directory the same as the zip filename.
2) Follow the instructions posted with the Firmware Update Tool to load this firmware image.
3) IMPORTANT: Always keep these two files together and always create a separate folder for each version.
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