Author Topic: two Plasystaion3 with 2 PS3IR-1000 at the same location does it work?  (Read 836 times)

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does anybody have experience with 2 Playstation (Different Region Codes) and 2 PS3IR-1000 at the same location?
We are using AMX and would like to control the 2 Playstations. How does it work with pairing, should we disconnect the first one and then the another, or are they problems ??
In the house are 14 Playstation in 10 Rooms, in 4 Rooms are 2 Playstation with different regional Code.
Will the PS3IR-1000 trying to connect to the other room ? (room to room are 20 meters far away)

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As long as only one PS3 and one PS3IR-1000 are powered on when pairing, you should not have any problems pairing.  Once the pairing is done, each PS3IR-1000 will control the PS3 with which it is paired.

Romeo Denghel
Schmartz Support